As winter approaches, you know there are things you need to do to prepare your business’s office space. You want both your guests and your employees to feel comfortable in your facilities at all times. That’s why you’re interested in improving air quality around the office.

The fact is, there are plenty of reasons to invest in better air quality in your office area. So, detailed below are eight crucial tips on improving air quality for the upcoming winter.

After all, even experts suggest that healthy air quality benefits the well-being of employees. When you prioritize the health and comfort of your team, they’ll maintain loyalty to your company in return.

Investing in better air quality, in the long run, can work towards the same goal as investing in higher workplace productivity. Keep reading to see how you can make your office atmosphere fresh and clean in no time.

1. Ensure There Is Plenty of Air Movement and Circulation

Your building ventilation system serves more of a person than just maintaining temperature. Air ducts and vents allow the constant movement of air throughout the facility. That’s also the case for ceiling fans, standalone fans, and even open windows.

When the air in your office building has a consistent flow, the atmosphere is less stifling. Think about the rooms you’ve been inside where the air isn’t moving at all. Did you start to sweat even though it wasn’t warm, or did you start to feel claustrophobic?

Proper air circulation is one of the key factors contributing to a healthy air quality. As the seasonal illnesses of the upcoming winter start to take hold, you’ll be thankful for that consistent air movement. Stale air is a sure way to let contagious bacteria move from person to person.

Evaluate the state of your office’s day-to-day airflow. Is there room for improvement, such as investing in some new ceiling or standalone fans? Remember, while airflow is essential, it’s only one primary goal of your building’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

2. Check the Air Vents and Filters Throughout the Building

Once you get an overall picture of your office space’s current airflow, it’s time to look at the HVAC system itself. An HVAC system at its peak can make a huge difference in maintaining a comfortable and healthy atmosphere this winter. That’s why the HVAC systems market size was worth over $130 billion in the year 2019 alone.

The first and most basic routine maintenance to remember includes checking all of the air vents and filters. You and your team of employees can handle replacing air filters twice a year. Plus, it’s your responsibility to keep the areas around air vents and ducts free of debris and dust.

3. Keep the Whole Building Clean and Sanitary

Speaking of debris and dust, don’t underestimate the effect these particles have on air quality. You want your guests and employees to breathe fresh, clean air all winter long. Just note, it’s going to take some work to keep the whole place clean and sanitized.

For that reason, many companies choose to outsource professional cleaning services to ensure this job gets done right. The cleaner your facilities, the better your HVAC systems will be able to work.

4. Open Windows (with Screens) on a Regular Basis

As mentioned above, consistent air movement is one crucial way to boost air quality. For an additional way to clean your office’s air, let some natural air right on it. (Of course, windows with screens to keep bugs out might be the only way to comfortably follow this tip).

Letting some fresh air inside will circulate the air and quickly push any existing pollutants back outdoors. Consider chemical pollutants, such as tobacco smoke or cleaning product emissions. These are different from dust particles that can easily be swept up.

Instead, it’s up to natural or intentional air circulation to simply remove those toxins from inside. Get into the habit of opening your office’s windows around one night a week to let that refreshing atmosphere inside.

5. Get Any HVAC Issues Fixed in a Timely Manner

If you notice that your HVAC system is having some trouble, don’t waste time to solve it. For some specifics, check out this guide on troubleshooting central air conditioner issues.

Still, it’s okay if you don’t feel qualified to identify your building’s HVAC system on your own. That’s why it’s worth your time and investment to reach out to reliable experts to fix the temperature regulation as soon as possible.

6. Conduct Regular Air Quality Checks

When it comes to those HVAC experts, by the way, it can be wise to develop long-standing relationships with them. You can ask about regular air quality checks to the safest and healthiest practices are being used within the office.

7. Use Air Purifiers in Multiple Spots

If you haven’t bought several air purifiers, it’s time to do so. While these tiny machines are no substitution for proper building ventilation, they can still clean up the air by removing some pollutants. Pick your favorite store-bought scent, and start enjoying fresher, cleaner air in no time.

8. Limit the Use of Pollutants and Harsh Chemicals

The last, but perhaps most important, tip to improve air quality has to do with toxic materials. Take the time to research your company’s cleaning products, for instance. It’s worth saving the air quality to ensure your office only gets cleaned with natural, safe materials.

Hire Reliable Experts Skilled in Improving Air Quality for Your Office

By this point, you know today’s top strategies for improving air quality around the office. You recognize the value of a clean and healthy air supply, especially as winter approaches. That’s why you’ll take the above guidance to heart.

In addition, we encourage you to reach out to our team of experts today. We’ve taken the time to gather reliable and useful information about heating and air conditioning on our blog, for one thing.

Learn more about how we work to improve indoor air quality for customers just like you. It’s time to invest in a cleaner, safer, and healthier workspace.