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In the United States, more than half of the average household’s energy use is used for space heating and air conditioning. While heating your home is often a necessary part of your monthly bills, there are ways that you can keep your heating bills lower. 

Proper heating maintenance is necessary to keep your HVAC system running as efficiently as possible. Do you want to learn more about how to maintain your heater in New Caney, TX? 

Keep reading this guide for the top six tips you can follow to keep your heater working all season. 

1. Change Your Air Filters

One of the most important things you can do for HVAC maintenance is to change or clean your air filters. The air filters in your furnace capture dust, debris, and other contaminants and keep them from circulating throughout your system. 

Your air filters protect your furnace from these pollutants and allow air to circulate freely throughout your home. 

However, you need to change your furnace filter every three months or every time the season changes. Otherwise, your filters will get clogged and will make it more difficult for your furnace to bring air into the system. 

When your furnace is overworked in this manner, it will wear out more quickly and will require more frequent repairs. Changing your air filter is one of the easiest ways you can protect your HVAC system to ensure that it works. 

2. Perform an Indoor Inspection

Next, you can perform an inspection of your furnace to make sure there are no issues. 

During your inspection, you should make sure that the areas surrounding your furnace are clean and tidy. If there are items stored too close to your furnace or if your furnace has dirt and dust built up around it, it can lead to a less efficient furnace. 

Plus, clutter around your indoor HVAC unit can be a serious fire hazard and reduces the circulation in the areas surrounding your furnace. When your HVAC system has poor circulation, it forces your furnace to work harder when heating your home. 

Inspecting your furnace and ensuring that it is tidy will improve the efficiency of your system and will also improve your safety as a homeowner. 

3. Reduce Heating Loss

Not only do you need to maintain your HVAC system to keep your heater up and running, but you also need to find other ways to reduce heating loss throughout your home. 

If your home is poorly insulated, your heater has to work much harder to regulate the temperature of your home during the colder seasons. Improving the insulation in your home will make it easier to keep your home warm and will prevent your heater from getting overworked. 

One thing you can do is install new insulation in your home. This includes roof and attic insulation, cavity wall insulation, and more. 

It is also effective to weatherproof your windows and doors to prevent drafts in your house. 

4. Open All Household Vents

To ensure that your heater works as efficiently as possible, you need to make sure that all of the vents in your house are open and free of blockages. This will make it easier for the air to circulate throughout your entire home and will prevent unnecessary cold spots in your home. 

While it may be difficult to avoid, you should never have furniture or other household items stored on top of the registers in your home. 

Before using your heater each year, make sure you go throughout your entire home to ensure that the registers are open and free of any blockages. 

5. Clean Vents and Ductwork

Cleaning your air vents and ductwork in your home is something else that can help you keep your heater functioning all season without any issues. 

It is easy for things like dust, pet hair, and even small items to fall down inside of your vents. These will prevent air from flowing freely and can reduce the efficiency of your heater. 

You can simply remove the vent registers and use a vacuum to suck up any loose dirt and debris. There are also professional duct cleaning companies that will do this for you as well!

Not only will cleaning your vents and ductwork allow your heater to work, but it will also improve the indoor air quality in your home! It will prevent dust and other debris from circulating in your HVAC system and allows you to breathe clean air inside your home. 

6. Get Your System Professionally Serviced

Finally, you must get your system professionally serviced at least once every year. Getting your system professionally tuned up will allow an HVAC technician to inspect and troubleshoot your system. 

This way, they can identify potential problems with your furnace and make repairs to prevent breakdowns in the future. 

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Need Heating Maintenance in New Caney TX?

There is a lot of maintenance you have to do to keep your home running smoothly. Following these heating maintenance tips can help you keep your heater working perfectly all season and can help you lower your monthly energy bills. 

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