7 Commercial HVAC Repair Mistakes to Avoid in Houston, TX |

A bad air conditioning system can ruin your business, especially when you live in Texas. Weather experts refer to the Woodlands Area summer temperatures as hot and oppressive, with highs on average in the mid-90s.

You cannot run a good business without an effective air conditioning system. So when your clients, customers, and employees begin to complain about damp, warm air in your building, it’s time to listen.

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll understand the most common commercial HVAC repair mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Avoiding The Signs

You make your biggest commercial repair mistake when you ignore the glaring signs that your HVAC needs some attention. Here are the common HVAC issues.

Hot Air

When your AC ceases to blow cold air, it’s no longer working properly. You may have a refrigerant leak or a broken compressor.

Strange Sounds

A properly running HVAC system should be nearly silent. If you begin to hear loud clanking noises or any noises at all, call in an air conditioning technician. Ignoring these sounds will lead to much bigger problems that could require a full system replacement.

Odd Smells

You should smell virtually nothing when your AC kicks on. If you smell a burning odor or burnt rubber smell, you may have a problem with wire insulation. You could also need new ductwork.

Bad smells can also indicate a buildup of mold. This in turn could compromise the health of your building’s occupants. Even in dry climates like Texas, you can have a toxic mold problem.

Regardless, if you smell something odd, call a technician.

Sticky Air

An air conditioner cools the air and pulls the humidity from it. If you have cool, damp air, you still may have a problem with your HVAC system. Call a technician and let them know about this particular problem so they can narrow the repair needs more quickly.

2. Using the Wrong Size AC

If you have the wrong size air conditioner, you will have repair problems. Many people believe the problem lies with an AC that is too small for a building.

Yes, if you have a small air conditioner, the unit will run constantly and still not adequately cool the air. However, if you have a unit that is too large, it will turn on and off in short spurts.

When this happens, the unit does not have adequate time to dehumidify the air. You end up with sticky air. You also will have to call a technician in for repairing the HVAC unit more frequently because the constant on and off will wear the AC parts out more quickly.

3. Running the AC With No Breaks

In the extremely hot weather that Texas boasts of, you’re tempted to just let your AC run constantly with no breaks. While this constant running does pump cold air into your system regularly, it also wreaks havoc on your HVAC system.

Turn the thermostat up when you do not have building occupants. If your employees go home at night, then have the AC set so it begins to power down in the evening. Then have it set to begin cooling the building once again an hour before employees come to work.

This will reduce your cost of HVAC repairs, and it will reduce your energy bill. Giving your HVAC a nightly break will allow the AC parts to last longer and let you make the most of your business budget.

4. Choosing an Inexperienced Installer

Even when you select the right size AC, you need to select a commercial HVAC installer. Not just anyone can install a commercial system. Look for a service that has the experience and proper credentials

Look online at ratings and reviews. If the service has poor ratings, move on to the next choice. These reviews should give you detailed information on what the company does well and does not do well.

You could also ask other business owners who they hired to work on their units. Local Texas business owners, especially those who have lived in the area for decades, will know who the most reliable service is.

Finding the right installation service can save you a bundle on the cost of HVAC repairs in the future.

5. Providing Inadequate Airflow

A commercial HVAC system should process massive quantities of air. Perfectly functioning units need free access to all the air you can provide it. This means you will need to put your air conditioner in a place where it can suck all that air in, even in a visible place.

Many businesses want to hide their HVAC unit in a discreet place. This often means the unit has all of its sides blocked. If you want your unit to run properly, give it adequate airflow.

6. Choosing a Manual Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will optimize your HVAC system and ultimately save you money in repairs. It does the work of turning the units off and on according to how you program them, so you don’t have to remember to adjust the thermostat.

Furthermore, a programmable thermostat puts the power of the AC back in your hands and away from employees. You want your employees to be comfortable, but each employee has a different comfort level. When you have manual thermostats throughout the building, employees will adjust them at will and ultimately cause more work for the AC unit.

7. Neglecting Maintenance

It’s easy to forget to schedule regular maintenance calls for your HVAC unit. After all, you’re busy running a company. But neglecting these maintenance calls will ultimately cost you money and affect your bottom line.

Do not neglect regular maintenance calls. The technician will run through a checklist that keeps your unit running. They’ll do things like change air filters, clean the exterior and interior of the units, and clean the drain lines.

This will prevent your maintenance staff from having to remember to conduct these checks and will ultimately protect your units.

Avoid Commercial HVAC Repair Mistakes

You can avoid commercial HVAC repair mistakes by having a professional HVAC company conduct regular maintenance checks. They will keep your HVAC running even in the hottest Texas weather. Your clients, employees, and customers will all thank you for having a perfectly chilled building.

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