Signs You Need Emergency A/C & Heating Repair in Porter, TX

Just about every homeowner has a problem with their HVAC system at some point. And while these issues are pretty common, it’s difficult to tell whether a little inconsistency with your system is a serious issue that requires the help of a professional.

In this article, we’re telling you all about the signs that say you need emergency air conditioning repair and heating repair to settle your confusion. So, continue reading along!

How to Tell if You Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repair

Quickly addressing seemingly small issues with your HVAC system can save you large amounts of time and money in the long run. Usually, having a minor repair made can save you from full-on system failure and having multiple components of your unit malfunction.

But how exactly can you tell when it’s time to contact an emergency HVAC repair service? Here are some signs you should look out for:

It’s Blowing Out the Opposite Temperature

If your HVAC system is blowing cold air when the heat is on or warm air when the AC is on, you should contact an HVAC repair service.

There isn’t a very simple or easy way of determining the cause of this type of issue. There are several possible causes such as a blockage in your ductwork.

With professional help, you will know for certain without making a DIY repair mistake that could possibly cause your entire system to fail.

Your System isn’t Responsive

If turning on your heat or air doesn’t cause a response at all, you should definitely contact a professional. Luckily, this rarely happens, but when it does, it’s a sign of a serious issue that requires a technician to fix and diagnose.

Your HVAC System is Emitting an Odd Sound or Smell

HVAC systems usually make some sound, but if you are hearing abnormal clicking or clunking, it usually means one of its parts has damaged. And when this type of problem goes ignored, it can worsen with time and cause serious malfunctions within your unit.

Additionally, an odd, unpleasant smell can be a sign of danger lurking within your HVAC system. For instance, the smell of plastic is a sign that wires are burning.

Ice is Growing in Your System

Ice can commonly form on the evaporator coil of an HVAC system, a problem you can diagnose by the appearance of a puddle of water beneath your system. This is often a sign that your system is leaking refrigerant.

Strange Electrical Behavior

An HVAC system that isn’t working properly can use abnormally high amounts of power which could mean there is an electrical issue within the unit. If yours has this or a similar problem, you may notice breaker trips when the system is running.

Electrical problems are serious safety hazards and shouldn’t ever be overlooked. You should shut down your system and contact an emergency technician right away if this happens to you.

Why You Shouldn’t DIY Your HVAC Repairs

Sure, there are plenty of things you can fix up around your home. But there is certain work you should leave to a qualified professional.

Anything involving electricity or your HVAC system can easily become dangerous, even if you are pretty handy.

This is why DIY HVAC repairs should be avoided:

It Needs Special Equipment

The screwdriver and hammer in your toolbox aren’t enough to fix problems with your HVAC system. Technicians use specialized equipment and tools to do their jobs that are worth thousands of dollars and require special training to use.

It Isn’t Safe

Not only can you hurt yourself while trying to repair your heating and cooling systems, but you can also cause harm to other people in your home. There is a risk of a fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, and explosions.

It Voids Out Your Warranty

Most manufacturer warranties require proof that you had repairs and maintenance performed by a qualified HVAC technician. If you do the repair yourself, you won’t be covered by a warranty if you ever need something.

Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

Homeowners commonly avoid having routine maintenance performed on their HVAC systems out of the fear that the service will be expensive or is unnecessary. Because of this, people tend to wait until there is a problem within the unit before contacting an HVAC professional, but that’s a bit too late.

Most of the problems you may have to face with your HVAC system are avoidable due to regular maintenance. Also, a broken HVAC system is much more expensive to repair than maintaining a well functioning one.

But if that isn’t enough, here are even more reasons it’s important for your heating and cooling systems to have regular check-ups:

You Could Save on Energy Costs

If your HVAC system isn’t functioning at its best, it might be working too hard. This can cause an increase in your gas and electric bill.

You can also experience discomfort in your home as a result of inconsistent temperatures.

Your Warranty Needs to be Validated

Many manufacturers say that you need to have regular maintenance in order to keep your warranty active. This means that if you end up needing a large repair or replacement, you will have protection under your warranty if you’ve had your unit checked on.

Your Heating and Cooling System Needs Cleaning

This is an aspect that people often don’t consider, but your HVAC system accumulates dirt and dust that needs to be professionally cleaned.

The accumulation of such debris in your unit can cause it to become less reliable and efficient. This can also cause you to pay even more money for your utilities each month.

It Adds Years to Your Unit’s Life

Regular HVAC maintenance can add several years to your system’s life, saving you the from replacements and repairs that can come from neglecting it.

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