guys-vanThe term “Air Duct Cleaning” implies that only the duct work in a system needs to be cleaned, however, for maximum benefit, the entire system and filters need to be kept clean under some type of regular maintenance program.

Although there are several methods for cleaning air duct systems, the National Air Duct Cleaning Association recommends a method of ‘source removal’. Source Removal is accomplished with the use of our highly powerful and efficient ‘truck mounted’ vacuum unit using various brushes designed to dislodge debris within a system.

We, at Guy's Air Conditioning & Heating pride ourselves on our ability to improve your indoor air quality with efficiency and ‘no mess” method of duct cleaning.

Why Do You Need Duct Cleaning from Guy's Air Conditioning & Heating?

Because having your ducts cleaned can reduce the amount of contaminants in your indoor air, thereby reducing allergies and greatly improving your indoor air quality. Clean ducts help your equipment work more efficiently resulting in lower energy usage.

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