7 Ways to Lower Electric Bill This Summer | Guy’s Air Conditioning & Heating

One of the most significant questions homeowners ask themselves is, “Why is my electric bill high?”

Keeping the lights on in your home is not cheap, and the cost increases when you use a water heater, a furnace, or an air conditioning unit to keep your indoor temperature comfortable.

According to the U.S. Energy Department, a standard American family spends over $1,400 every year on utilities.

Are you wondering how to lower your electric bill? Tweaking and reducing your electricity usage in the house could help you reduce your overall energy bills. And below are seven effective ways to do this:

1. Conduct an Energy Audit

Most utility and energy companies offer homeowners free energy audits for their customers. If your utility company has this service, ensure you take full advantage of it. An energy audit is a complete analysis of your home’s energy usage to help you know where you can reduce your energy consumption and save on energy bills.

The audit will identify energy wastage, reveal your home’s electricity usage, and help you know which equipment consumes a lot of energy. You can use this information to look for tips to be more energy-efficient and tweak your usage to reduce your bills.

2. Schedule Annual HVAC Maintenance

Your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning unit requires regular maintenance to keep it performing optimally. If your HVAC unit is not well-maintained, it will not run efficiently. This means your cooling and heating bills will be higher than average.

Over time, the HVAC unit may develop issues such as faulty electrical connections. Clogged condensation and too much friction between parts. This may result in severe damage and even higher energy consumption, as it needs more electricity to keep operating.

Getting your HVAC system cleaned and inspected by a professional regularly will help you diagnose these issues before they become severe problems. The HVAC technician will also ensure that your HVAC system is running efficiently, helping you save on electricity costs.

3. Consider LED Bulbs

Switching from regular bulbs to LED ones is the best way to lower your electric bill. According to research, LED bulbs have significantly higher energy-saving capabilities than compact fluorescent, halogen, and incandescent bulbs. The LED bulbs consume 25%-80% less electricity than other traditional bulbs.

Another benefit of using LED bulbs is that they’re environmentally friendly and don’t use any mercury. This reduces their negative impact on the environment and your home’s carbon footprint. The LED bulbs are also more long-lasting than most light bulb alternatives.

You can start the switch with the most-used bulbs in your home. Then, with time, you can change the rest of the bulbs as they burn out. This will help you get used to the bulbs with time.

4. Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Are you using home appliances that are older than ten years? Then, this could be the root of your high electric bill problems. Older appliances are not energy efficient, therefore using more energy than their Energy Star models.

For this reason, it’s advisable to upgrade your home appliances to Energy Star models that are more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. And the first appliance you should consider is buying an energy-efficient AC.

Do you know the impact of air conditioning on electric bills? According to studies, the AC unit increases the use of energy in a home by 42%. The study also found that using AC units that aren’t energy efficient may increase your household’s spending by 11%, which all goes to energy.

5. Add Solar Panels to Your House

Most people don’t consider installing solar panels due to the initial cost of investment. However, the benefits of having your own solar panels will outweigh the initial cost of investment. The panels will use sunlight and convert it into energy for your home, helping you reduce your dependence on the utility company.

You can also save money by returning excess energy produced by the solar panel to the grid. Alternatively, you can also store this energy in a battery and use it later.

6. Invest in Home Insulation

Insulation is one of the best ways to save on energy costs. That’s because it will reduce the amount of energy lost through your home’s surfaces, such as the roof, walls, duct, and attic. During winter, well-insulated homes have less warm air escaping from the house into the surrounding areas.

Similarly, during summer, insulation ensures that cool air doesn’t escape through your roof into the surrounding environment. Insulation ensures that your heating and cooling system doesn’t work twice as hard to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Therefore, reducing the amount of energy your home consumes.

7. Install a Smart Thermostat

If you don’t have a smart thermostat already, ensure you get one installed as soon as possible. It will help you control your home’s temperature seamlessly, and keep it at a comfortable temperature without wasting extra heat.

A smart thermostat helps you operate your HVAC system remotely online on your tablet, mobile phone, computer, or iPad. Some thermostats also have additional features, like AI-powered systems that learn your routine and automatically adjust your temperature settings. Others may also adjust the temperature automatically based on the current weather forecast.

The amount of money you save on electric bills by installing a smart thermostat will depend on your lifestyle and how effectively you control your heating. You can also program your thermostat to operate based on your schedule and heating needs.

Now You Know How to Lower Your Electric Bill

Lowering your monthly electricity bill will save you hundreds of dollars over time. Fortunately, there are many individuals who would greatly benefit from lowering their energy bills. If you are wondering how to lower your electric bill, ensure you check out the above seven cost-effective tips.

One of the best tips for lowering your energy bills is getting regular HVAC maintenance. Contact us today at Guy’s and our highly professional technicians in New Caney and The Woodlands will check out your AC and ensure it’s running effectively.