Every homeowner among the three-quarters of homes in the US with air conditioners requires HVAC repairs from a professional HVAC contractor at one point or the other. This means that they have to vet different residential HVAC contractors to get the right professional for the job. Now, the HVAC industry is humongous.

In the U.S. alone, the projected market worth stands at a whopping $5.29 billion by 2021, which means that there are many HVAC companies out there to choose from. The question is, how do you find the most competent, trustworthy, reliable, and professional contractor? By asking the right questions.

In this guide, we’ll take you through some of the most telling questions to ask HVAC contractors. These will help you narrow down your search to the best possible option.

1. What Is Your Experience in the Industry?

One of the most important questions you should ask the HVAC contractor is how long they have been active in the industry. There is more confidence in hiring residential HVAC contractors who have proven capabilities to handle any issues pertaining to HVAC systems. This is not to say newer companies or contractors don’t have the skills to get the job done. 

It means that you want to be sure about the services you’re going to receive. Inquire about the specific experience they possess with the HVAC brand you have in your home and how they handle similar issues to yours. They should be able to explain this to you on the phone even before they check the system in person. 

2. What Licenses and Insurance Do You Carry?

It’s vital that you don’t overlook how important having a license to work in your state is. Ask whether you can actually see their license to practice or get their license number to check with the state licensing board. Make sure they meet all government regulations and have legitimate authorizations.

Additionally, proper insurance policies are just as important. If something goes wrong and there are damages to property or injuries to anyone during the HVAC services in your home, you may be held liable if they lack the right insurance policies.

If you’re hiring a company and not an individual contractor, make sure they have both general and workers’ compensation insurance that cover all bases. With proper licensing, the liability will fall on the company and pay for both damages and injuries.

3. Can You Provide Me With Your Certificates?

The best way to prove that an HVAC contractor is educated and highly trained in their field is by asking to see their certificates. The certificate they provide will give you an idea of the kind of company you’re dealing with.

For instance, it’s mandatory for companies working with refrigerants from HVAC systems to have EPA certificates. Residential HVAC contractors with NATE certificates have a high level of expertise and competence, and even though this is not mandatory, it’s an indication that you’re dealing with professionals in the field.

4. What Is Your Availability?

Depending on the kind of services you need, it’s important to ask about the availability of the contractor. Some may not be available immediately, so if you need emergency HVAC repair, they may not be able to help. Even if your problem is not an emergency, it’s good to know that a company can be available 24/7 or during weekends when you may be at home from work, making it more convenient for you.

5. Do You Offer Guarantees for Your Work?

Not all HVAC contractors offer guarantees for their work, but a company that does is confident in their expertise, and you can be assured they know exactly what they’re doing. Offering guarantees shows that the contractor stands by their work, and this will give you peace of mind because should anything go wrong, they will be available to fix it.

6. How Does Your Pricing Work?

Before you hire a HVAC contractor, it’s vital that you enquire about the pricing and get an estimate. Ask how they charge their services when it comes to hourly rates or a flat fee. Even though this will be a general idea of how they operate and their standard rates, it will give you a peek into how much you might spend on the repairs.

They may not be able to offer you an accurate estimate before thoroughly assessing the condition of your HVAC, but you should know whether they will provide the spare parts and what the potential labor charges are.

7. Will You Conduct a Ductwork Inspection?

Sometimes the HVAC problem lies in the ductwork because it facilitates all the heating and cooling in the house. If it has been compromised, the entire system is bound to have problems.

You need to inquire beforehand if the HVAC contractor offers ductwork inspection or whether they repair the systems only. If they can do it, this is a good deal for you because you can be sure they will diagnose the problem and solve it completely.

8. Can You Provide Me With References?

HVAC companies or contractors that are hesitant when giving out references are a huge red flag. Any company or contractor that is professional and confident in their track record will happily give you references so you can learn about the quality of the services from other clients. The more references they give you, the better it will be because you can choose the clients randomly.

Once you contact past clients, ask them questions regarding the services they received from the company. The responses you receive will help you determine whether you should hire them or continue with your search.

Top Questions to Ask an HVAC Contractor

There you have it! These are some of the most vital questions you should ask an HVAC contractor over the phone before you hire them. If you need emergency services, it’s important that you ask whether they can offer them immediately or not.

Once you find the potential contractor, make sure you check online reviews to gauge how professional and reliable they are. For exceptional HVAC services from professional, trustworthy, and reliable HVAC contractors in New Caney, TX, please contact Guy’s Air Conditioning and Heating today!