The Many Benefits of Air Conditioning Unit In Your Home or Office

The hottest state in the United States is none other than Texas. In The Woodlands alone, we now have at least 13 days where the heat indices hit 100 to 105 degrees. We also get over 100 days wherein the temps reach at least 90 degrees.

That’s how insufferable our summers have become, and it’s a good enough reason to turn on the AC. Because no matter how powerful our ceiling fans are, they won’t really “cool” the air. They’ll only circulate very warm and humid (or dry) air around the home.

Cool, comfortable air is just one of the benefits of air conditioning though. It also helps protect our health from various environmental factors.

Ready to learn all about these other advantages of air conditioning? Then let’s dig right into it!

Helps Keep Heat-Related Health Conditions At Bay

In some areas of Texas, the scorching heat of summer is the reason for about half of emergency room cases. In fact, the oppressive summer heat has claimed as many as 263 lives in the state from 2003 to 2008.

Exposure to high temperatures, after all, can cause hyperthermia. These include heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and the most dangerous: heatstroke. The earliest signs include heavy sweating, weakness, nausea, dizziness, and muscle cramps.

Heat cramps, the most minor of all heat-related illnesses, are uncomfortable enough. They can make us feel achy all over. The best way to relieve heat cramps is to hydrate and to rest in a cool spot.

Otherwise, the cramps may progress into heat exhaustion. It can make us feel weaker and dizzier, and may even cause us to lose our balance. The longer we stay in a very hot place, the higher our risk of getting heatstroke.

This is why medical experts advise frequent rest breaks in an air-conditioned area. The purpose of air conditioning, after all, is to remove the heat from the air and make it cooler. During Texas summers, our ACs can make the air inside our home remain at a comfortable 77 to 80 °F.

It’s Even More Beneficial for Homes with Kids and Pets

Did you know that the body of a child heats up three to five times faster than an adult’s? Or that dogs are at serious risk of overheating if their body temp rises to over 104 degrees? Add high humidity levels to that, and both kids and dogs are even more at risk of getting heatstroke.

This higher risk is due to how children and animals have a different sweating process. Kids, for instance, sweat less than adults. Dogs, on the other hand, sweat through their paws and cool down by panting.

If the air is already too humid, it can affect their ability to sweat.

The good news is, one of the beneficial effects of air conditioning is that it helps control humidity. Aside from blowing cool air into our homes, ACs are also designed to remove moisture from the air. This moisture (or the amount of water vapor in the air) is what we refer to as “humidity”.

By making the indoor air less humid, air conditioners can help protect our little ones and pets. They can perspire more efficiently, which then helps them cool down faster and better.

Healthier Air through Optimal Humidity Control

In The Woodlands, our humidity levels usually stay within the mid-60s to the low 80s (in percentage). However, it does drop below 60, with the most recent low being 57% last August 2019.

Problems with humidity can cause many other health issues on top of what they can do to our kids and pets.

When It’s Too Humid

The higher the humidity level is, the more moisture content the air has. This, in turn, can make your home a breeding ground for microorganisms like molds and mildew.

Not all molds are dangerous, but once they grow in clumps, they can look quite ugly and disgusting. There are also some mold species that can produce toxic spores. Regardless, exposure to any kind of mold can be more dangerous for those with allergies or asthma.

Since ACs take the excess moisture out of the air, then they can also help boost your home’s indoor air quality.

Helps Make the Air Less Dry

Too low humidity levels, unfortunately, can also cause health problems like dry eyes. Dry air can also irritate the skin and cause respiratory maladies. All these can put us at an increased risk for cold, flu, and other lung-related infections.

Fortunately, another of the main AC benefits is that it lets us add moisture to dry air. These are air conditioner products we call “humidifiers”. Their goal is to increase humidity during cooler, dryer days.

Filtering Out Unwanted Elements From the Air

The primary function of air conditioner filters is to capture and trap particles in the air. They do so to prevent debris from settling on and clogging up the AC’s evaporator coil. Filthy coils, after all, won’t be able to cool the air that passes over them.

So, in a way, air conditioners also help keep the air inside your home clean and contaminant free.

Financing Programs Make It Easier to Afford a New Air Conditioner

Here at Guys’ AC, we regularly run AC installation specials. Our goal is to help make homes in The Woodlands more comfortable for less. As such, we offer financing programs that can get you a new air conditioner at zero interest.

Experience the Health Benefits of Air Conditioning Now

Doctors themselves say we should rest or stay in air-conditioned places when it’s too hot. Too hot, unfortunately, has become the new normal throughout Texas, including The Woodlands. This fact alone should be enough reason for all of us to invest in an air conditioner.

Besides, the many other health benefits of air conditioning make them even more worth it. Comfort aside, they’re also key to controlled indoor humidity and cleaner air at home.

If you’re in need of air conditioning installation, repair, or replacement, we here at Guys AC can help. Please feel free to get in touch with us now so we can assist you in choosing your new Lennox air conditioner!