Are you looking to prolong the life of the gas furnace that’s on your property? Do you want to learn all that you can about proper ways to maintain its quality? If so, then you need to schedule a furnace tune-up in New Caney, Texas.

What is a furnace tune-up, you ask? It’s an important process of cleaning all the parts in your furnace to ensure that it runs smoothly. Too many homeowners neglect this responsibility; don’t let yourself be one of them!

See below for an in-depth guide on what a furnace tune-up is and why it’s so important for New Caney homeowners.

What Is a Furnace Tune-Up?

When done correctly, a furnace tune-up in New Caney is a scheduled time for a professional furnace technician to come in and give your entire furnace an efficient cleaning.

That means lubricating certain gears, cleaning dirty parts, and making sure that the furnace is ready to run for this winter and beyond. 

The furnace tune-up also includes an elaborate analysis of the furnace itself. This is a preventative measure used to catch potential issues before they occur. If left unfixed, those problems will one day cause the furnace to overheat and, as a result, break down.

In other words, a tune-up is used to extend the life of your furnace. It helps to prevent you from ever experiencing a breakdown inside your home or place of business.

For example, during the tune-up, the technician might notice that there’s something wonky going on with your pilot light. This could be due to the thermocouple purposely shutting it off as a safety precaution for a larger issue.

If they notice that issue ahead of time, they can repair it before it becomes an ordeal that causes your family to go without heat in the middle of winter.

1. Elaborate Tune-Up

So what all does a furnace tune-up include? The answer might surprise you. This will include such services as changing the air filters, lubricating the bearings, check the thermostat, and analyze the fan speed.

From there, it turns into a comprehensive check-up. Our technicians will check on such things as:

  • condensation drain
  • contactors
  • electrical wiring connections
  • capacitors
  • compressor
  • blower rotation
  • motor
  • pressure of operations
  • rain shield & more

By the time we’re finished with our tune-up, we can give you a full breakdown of the current condition of the furnace. If there are any issues, we’ll give you our recommendations and service options for fixing the problem before it complicates things in the future.

2. Cost-Efficient Service

Here’s a trick question for you. Which would you rather pay for several furnace tune-ups that extend the life of your furnace or a furnace replacement? We’ll be willing to bet that all of our readers prefer the former.

Not only is the tune-up itself a reasonable price, but it can also extend the life of your furnace and help you get as high of a return on your investment as possible. 

As you saw above, a tune-up includes many different services all in one. Did you know that a furnace can last up to 20 years or more if it’s been properly cared for? Without scheduling frequent tune-ups, you could wind up shaving 5 years (or more) off that lifespan.

3. Preparation for the Winter Ahead

Down here in Texas, we have in pretty good with year-round weather. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get cold outside! There will be months where cold temperatures stick around the New Caney area.

By scheduling your furnace tune-up at the beginning of the winter, you’ll be sitting pretty for the duration of the entire winter. If there are any issues, the technician will be sure to resolve them right away.

Since the technician will be aiming to solve any potential future setbacks, you can have total peace of mind in your New Caney home the rest of the winter!

4. Build Trust With Our Brand

The more often people are around, the more you begin to trust them. You can build trust with our brand after each tune-up. 

Of course, the results speak for themselves. Schedule our furnace tune-up one time and see how beautifully your New Caney home’s furnace runs all winter long

Better yet, we’re there any time that you need us. Give us a call any time that you have questions, concerns, or are wanting to schedule an appointment. We’re happy to assist in any way that we can!

5. Extended Life for Your Furnace

Every furnace will have to be replaced one day, but we’d prefer that not be for a while! Even if your furnace was installed by the previous owner, we can make sure that you get the most from it before it needs replacing.

As long as you schedule yearly furnace tune-ups, we can keep you updated with how the overall system is running.

We’ll do our best to project when a possible replacement might be needed, to give you as many heads up as possible. When it comes time for a replacement, we can switch out the furnaces quickly to keep your family nice and comfortable

Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up Today

Now that you have seen an elaborate answer to your question of “what is a furnace tune-up?”, it’s time to schedule one for your home today.

Be sure to read this article for more information on the questions you should ask an HVAC contractor during the initial call.

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