What Makes Lennox The Best Affordable HVAC Systems?

Around 6% of the electricity used in America goes towards cooling homes and businesses.

The demand for an affordable HVAC system continues to rise. Over the last five years, there has been consistent annual growth in the HVAC industry’s revenue. Year over year, the industry has grown around 1.5 %.

An average HVAC system will last more than a decade (and sometimes more than two decades). But they do eventually need replacement. Some homeowners choose to replace their systems before the end of their lifespan because they want more efficient models.

There are so many potential systems to choose from. How do you know which affordable HVAC system is the best?

Our vote goes to Lennox. Continue reading to find out why Lennox offers one of the best affordable HVAC systems.

Long Record of Success

Lennox has stayed in business since 1895. A century is an incredible record of success that speaks for itself. Only the best companies, with the best products, are capable of staying in business for so long.

High Efficiency

Lennox develops models to suit both residential and commercial purposes. Lennox manufactures some of the most efficient models currently on the market. Their units are consistently ranked among the most efficient each year.

Offers Variable Refrigerant Flow

Lennox systems are some of the few models on the market that offers Variable Refrigerant Flow. Also known as VRF, this technology has revolutionized the HVAC industry.

A Variable Refrigerant Flow system works by piping heat through refrigerant around the building. This system is located in one central unit.

The refrigerant travels through narrow pipes to distribute heat throughout the building. These pipes take up considerably less space than traditional HVAC distribution options.

Select Units Have Revolutionary Night Mode

Some Lennox units come equipped with Night Mode. This feature is particularly useful for commercial buildings that stand empty at night.

With Night Mode, the HVAC system reduces its speed during nighttime hours. This helps save money and often extends the life of the unit. This lifespan increase is thanks to the HVAC system working less during certain times.

Climate IQ

Lennox systems are equipped with a feature called Climate IQ. This feature allows the unit to adapt to the surrounding environment. The system allows for comfort even in the driest and most humid climates.

iHarmony Zoning Elements

One of the most annoying things about HVAC systems is that they tend to leave hot and cold spots throughout the building. These spots of unstable temperatures are uncomfortable. They can even cause your energy bills to increase.

With revolutionary zoning elements, Lennox models pipe heat or air conditioning to where it’s needed most. This regulates temperatures, reducing hot and cold pockets in the home or office. An evenly controlled temperature makes any building more comfortable.

PureAir S Air Purification System

The PureAir S Air Purification System is a feature that helps reduce allergens and other air impurities. Up to 99.9% of dust and allergen particles are removed. The purification system also gets rid of about 90% of germs and reduces odor at the same time.

With air that is purer, the environment is healthier. In turn, this allows the people living or working in this environment to be healthier. This feature is especially beneficial for those with severe indoor allergies.

Comparatively Affordable Costs

Compared to other options, Lennox offers an affordable HVAC system. You can get comfort and efficiency without breaking the bank.

How to Choose the Right Lennox HVAC System for You

Lennox offers several models of HVAC systems. Choosing the right one for your unique needs doesn’t have to be complicated. Consider the following when searching for the perfect Lennox air conditioning and heating system for you.

Which Features Are Non-Negotiable?

Each system will come equipped with a combination of those features listed above. Not all systems have all of them. Consider which features are non-negotiable and which you’re willing to live without to reduce your options.

Commercial vs. Residential

Remember, some systems are designed for commercial use, while others are for residential. The critical difference between the two is how much power they have. Commercial units typically have more power because they’re used for larger spaces.

Price Range

Know how much you can reasonably spend on your new HVAC system. You won’t be as pleased with your unit if you pay more than you were planning to.

Ask a Professional

The best way to choose the right Lennox system for you is to speak with a professional. These professionals can recommend the best unit for you based on many unique factors. They can make a more informed opinion on how much power is needed for maximum comfort and efficiency.

HVAC professionals will also be able to install your new system. There are no circumstances where it’s a good idea to install a unit yourself. Only a highly-trained professional should perform your installation.

Do You Still Have Questions About Affordable HVAC Systems?

Lennox offers one of the best affordable HVAC systems. They combine innovative features with a comparatively low price tag, and there are several options for both residential and commercial purposes.

Do you still have questions about what makes Lennox the best provider for affordable HVAC systems? Or, do you need a new HVAC system installed in your home or business?

Contact us today. One of our associates would be happy to answer any questions you still have. They can schedule a consultation or installation at the same time if desired.