What should you do about your leaking Air Conditioner?

Summer is here – and as interesting as that statement does sound, it could easily lead to a nightmare. With summer comes the hot breeze and the hot breeze calls for your air conditioner. And air conditioners bring along a terrifying list of problems especially if you haven’t cleaned them for a while.

Ironically, the thing with electrical appliances is that they tend to just flip out at the wrong time, on a wrong day. Like finding a leak when you’re watching your favorite movie, on a Saturday night? But before you get any more busted up, here are a few simple ways to deal with your summer mess.

Why does an air conditioner leak?

The most commonly found issue with a perfectly working AC is the leakage problem. To understand the situation, we might need to understand the object first. The inside of an AC have evaporator coil. This coil acts as a coolant for the warm air entering the AC. This forms water droplets over the coil, just as how the process of condensation on a glass of cold water on a hot day. It then drops into a drain pan and goes out a PVC pipe that goes out of your house.

Three major reasons causing water leakage

Congested drain line – This is the most frequently occurring cause. The drain line gets blocked with dirt or dust, thus obstructing the flow of water and creating the leakage.

Contaminated Air Filter – When your air filter gets clogged with dirt, the venting of air is restricted, leading to evaporator dysfunction that leads to dripping extra water.

Broken Drain Pan- This is the are where the condensed water comes down to. Sometimes the leak is about a minor crack in this area.

How to deal with a leaking situation?

The first thing to do when your AC breaks down is to take immediate action, instead of letting it sit there in the hope that it might fix itself. Leaking AC’s cause much more than just bad summers. The destroy ceilings, ruin carpets, and renders everything surrounding it useless.

There are a few simple hacks to fix a leak before it gets worse. We will take a look at them below.

Keep a sturdy cleaner handy.

One part of it should contain enzymes dissolved in water, while the other should be basic so that it doesn’t create rust to form on the coil. After spraying it on the coil, give it a good 20-30 minutes, to let it have an effect and then clean out gently.

Air conditioner filters should be vacuumed proper, or rinsed in clean water and be put out to dry.

These are the basic DIY techniques you can use to take care of the situation yourself. But AC’s being an electrical appliance should be handled in a particular manner which is best provided by an expert. And that’s why you need to find someone who can service all types and models of Air Conditioners, taking away your worry of finding a model specific professional center. You need to look for the best air conditioning repair Houston, Tx.

They will not only would we help you fix your AC, but also share tips about getting the best cooling out of it for all the summers to come.