What Are the Best Commercial Air Conditioners in Houston, TX?

Houston, Texas, is known for many things, such as rodeos, barbecues, and a booming economy. It’s also known for its sweltering heat and high humidity. These conditions mean commercial air conditioning in Houston needs to be effective and reliable.

If you’re a business owner in the market for commercial air conditioners, it’s easy to feel the pressure. You can’t operate without AC, but make the wrong choice, and you’re stuck with a sub-par unit, high utility bills, or a total breakdown.

It Gets Hot in Houston

No one is going to come and spend money at your business if the air conditioning isn’t working. Or, if you’re operating an office space, a lack of AC means you’ll have to send your workers home. With temperatures in Houston often exceeding 90 °F, functioning air conditioning is almost as essential as plumbing.

To make matters worse, the city is close to the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not just hot; it’s also humid. Not only does the humidity make the heat more uncomfortable, but it also makes air conditioning units more prone to failure.

Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning systems are a popular choice for Houston’s commercial spaces. As the name suggests, this HVAC system cools your building from a single, central unit. The system distributes cool air around the premises through an interconnected system of ducts. When properly installed, central air conditioning systems create a consistent temperature in every area.

It’s common to see this kind of AC in office spaces, shopping centers, and similar buildings. For places that want to maintain a uniform temperature throughout the whole building, central units are a cost-effective solution. They’re also popular because they preserve building aesthetics-the mechanical elements of the HVAC system are hidden.

Central units are also popular in Houston as they have integrated humidity controls. A well-installed central air conditioner can significantly reduce humidity levels.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

One of the main problems with installing a central unit is the ducts. While they’re an effective way to distribute cooling air, they take up a lot of space. So much so that many buildings simply don’t have room. In that case, you’d need to consider an alternative.

Ductless mini-split systems are an option. These systems have an outdoor compressor/condenser unit and one or more indoor air handling units. The indoor units use an evaporator coil and a fan.

Not only can ductless mini-split systems operate without ducts, but they also let you control each indoor unit independently. This means you can have different temperature settings in different rooms or zones.

This is useful in buildings with variable occupancy rates. After all, there’s no reason to cool a conference room that’s going to sit empty all day. With a ductless mini-split system, you can simply cool the room when you need to.

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems

VRF systems are on the cutting edge of HVAC technology. They’re remarkable because they can control the amount of refrigerant flowing to each indoor unit based on the unit’s energy demands. VRF systems let you achieve a consistent temperature like central systems, but they also help you save energy like ductless ones.

If you want to customize your commercial climate, this is the air conditioning system your company needs. Whether you’re storing sensitive material that requires certain temperatures or you simply have a manager who runs cold, VRF systems can be configured to give each room its own independent temperature controls.

Some VRF systems even allow simultaneous heating and cooling. Talk about customizable! Finally, they’re also favored for being whisper-quiet. If you’re running a business where a quiet atmosphere is crucial, a VRF system could be what you’re looking for.

Cost Factors

When considering the best air conditioning unit for your commercial space, the first thing on your mind is the initial cost. While maintenance and utility costs are important, you need to pick something you can afford here and now.

Investing as much as you can from the start can pay off in the long run. An inexpensive system might save you money now, but it’ll cost you more in the future. Calling out an emergency HVAC technician isn’t cheap, so it makes sense to buy a system you can depend on.

Installation and Maintenance

You also need to think about the costs of installation. You can’t just buy an expensive AC unit and call it a day; you’ll also need to have it installed by an expert. An improperly installed AC might use too much energy, sending your utility bills sky-high. Or, it could easily break down.

Given how critical it is to have a functioning AC in Houston, there’s no excuse not to have your HVAC system installed by a pro. The best HVAC companies offer service agreements. They’re so confident in the quality of their work that they’ll immediately come and set things right if something goes wrong.

They can also help with preventive maintenance. This is when you get your air conditioning checked regularly by a pro. They put their experience and knowledge to good use, noticing small indications of what could soon be a very expensive problem.

By spotting these things early, the technician ensures you only face small maintenance costs, not a massive repair bill.

Customizability Vs Consistency

One of the main questions you need to ask yourself is: do you favor customizability or consistency? If your main focus is getting your whole building to a comfortable temperature, a central AC unit could be what you need. On the other hand, if you want to have more control over the temperature, VRF systems or ductless mini-split systems could be more your thing.

Commercial Air Conditioners Done Right

Whatever commercial air conditioners you choose, the most important factor is working with the right company. An improperly installed, expensive system could easily be outperformed by a more modest option installed by a seasoned pro. In sweltering Houston summers, having AC is crucial. You can’t run a business without it, so why take chances?

Here at Guy’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we have over three decades of experience helping local businesses with their AC needs. We service HVAC units of all shapes and sizes, so whatever your HVAC troubles, we’re here to help. Contact us today, and let’s get you your free estimate.