A/C Maintenance Agreements | What You Need To Know

We rely on our air conditioning unit to keep us comfy and cozy no matter how much heat is brought in each summer.

But when drops of water begin to leak down or our air conditioning starts making an unfamiliar sound, it’s enough to wreak havoc. The reality is air conditionings aren’t the most affordable of household appliances, which is why it’s best to spare yourself the pain by investing in an air conditioning maintenance agreement in Huffman.

If you’re looking to save money through an HVAC maintenance contract but aren’t sure what one entails or how to go about it, read on for more information.

What Is an HVAC Maintenance Contract

If you’re familiar with the process of calling in a technician or repairman to tend to a problem with your air conditioner, you may have heard the term HVAC maintenance contract.

An HVAC maintenance contract can only be offered by an HVAC company. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning and is given to contractors that specialized in the installation and maintenance of these devices.

With an HVAC maintenance contract, you’ll be going into a basic agreement between you, as a homeowner, and your contractor, in which the contractor will come in to perform a number of services for your air conditioner and other units on a semi-regular basis.

Since you’ll be giving your agreement to pay for these services ahead of time, the prices of maintenance are typically discounted by your contractor.

The Benefits of an Air Conditioning Maintenance Agreement in Huffman

One of the primary reasons why air conditioning units tend to break down is because they’re not frequently serviced or maintained.

Think about it, aside from when the sweltering summer heat comes in, are you really paying attention to your air conditioning or what it may need during the rest of the year?

As a result, homeowners spend much more money than they need to by simply neglecting this simple task.

With an HVAC maintenance contract, you can dramatically reduce the cost of both your heating and cooling. By having an HVAC company clean, tighten, and adjust any necessary parts, your machines will work much more effectively, which can put a healthy dent in your upcoming electric bill.

An HVAC maintenance contract also means you’ll have to deal with less breakdowns along the way. If you’ve had to pay for a repair before, you know that the cost and inconvenience are way more than you bargained for.

By keeping your Air Conditioning and Heating units well-maintained, you can bet you’ll be experiencing fewer problems along the way.

In addition to the money that you’ll save on your monthly electric bills and repair costs, you will also be saving money on how often you need to replace your heating and cooling unit.

That’s because, simply put, heating and cooling systems that are maintained last longer, which means you need to spend less money on replacing them.

What to Expect from Your HVAC Maintenance Contract

Having an HVAC maintenance contract in place is a wonderful way to cross yet another task off the to-do list without using the mental space to have to set an appointment twice a year.

If you’re the kind that is juggling multiple things, then it helps to have your contractor give you a ring when your next appointment is approaching. This ensures that you don’t miss a beat.

What to Look for in an HVAC Maintenance Contract

It’s important to remember that not all HVAC maintenance contracts are created equal. Contracts tend to vary depending on the company and what services they provide. However, it always pays to look into online reviews or take a reference from a friend to help you find a quality contractor to do the job.

Make sure that the contractor is licensed and insured. It’s an extra perk if they have any additional certifications that can show their experience.

Contractors that are a member of your local Chambers of Commerce or have a good review with the BBB are also a good bet.

Remember, the contractor that does your maintenance is more than likely to be a contractor that does any repairs, so you want to make sure they have emergency repair services that can get your air conditioning in shape before you can break a sweat.

Competitive pricing is an obvious plus, but if the price falls slightly outside of your expectations, simply ask a contractor to explain their services and why the cost is what it is.

Be willing to pay a fair price as someone doing a cheap job will obviously have to come in several times to have it done correctly, making you spend more money in the long run.

The Risk of Not having a Maintenance Contract

If you’re tempted to live on the edge (i.e. without a maintenance contract), we strongly recommend choosing the ladder.

That’s because not only does having a fully functioning air conditioning increase your comfort in your home, but it will also ensure that the value of your home stays where it is in case you plan on selling in the near future.

Finding the Right Contractor for the Job

Now that you know the many benefits associated with an air conditioning maintenance agreement in Huffman, it’s time to find a contractor that can deliver on all of your needs.

If you’re looking for a contracting team that can get the job done, contact us today for more information on how we can be of assistance.