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Research shows that a majority of home heating fires happen during the winter months. This is especially so with the holidays approaching and the cold season around the corner. Now, more than ever, it’s time to start thinking about holiday heating tips that will help you better manage your heating Huffman TX systems.

If you live in Huffman, TX, you know how cold it can get as we head for the holiday season. But don’t worry; we have some great hacks that will ensure your house stays toasty warm during winter without breaking the bank or losing out on any comfort.

1. Schedule That Maintenance Checkup

The first thing you’ll want to do is schedule that maintenance checkup. If your furnace hasn’t been serviced yet this season, now’s the time. This will help ensure everything is running smoothly before winter, and it becomes much harder for technicians to access parts of your system.

Get a Huffman TX HVAC professional to clean your HVAC system and ensure everything is running at optimum functionality. Your furnace won’t run at peak performance if it’s clogged up with dust, dirt, and debris.

It needs access to all of its parts to function correctly; otherwise, you could end up spending way too much on energy bills or risk having equipment that breaks down. The checkup should also include a look at the insulation and ventilation around your home.

2. Don’t Block the Air Vents

Blocking or closing off any of your heating system’s key vents is a surefire way to make you lose heat fast. Don’t shut doorways, windows, registers, or other essential features that allow warm air in and out of your house.

You may think that blocking vents will save energy, but it’s the exact opposite. Blocking off airflow means you’re losing heat faster than normal because your furnace doesn’t have enough access to fresh oxygen during operation.

Make sure that there isn’t any furniture or other obstructions in the way of air vents. Remember, you want to ensure that your vents are always clear so the warm air can get out of your home and keep you warm.

Alternatively, you can use ceiling fans to keep the air flowing. Ceiling fans help circulate warm air, which will keep your rooms warmer longer during winter and reduce how hard your furnace has to work for you to stay comfortable.

3. Change the Air Filter

Like changing the oil in a car, it’s important to often change or clean furnace filters during the heating season. Furnace filters help trap dust particles before they leave your Huffman TX HVAC unit and enter your home. If you don’t change the filter as often as possible, those particles will be sucked into your system and circulated around your house for everyone to breathe in.

If you forget about changing out filters regularly this season, buy a few spares so that all of them can get swapped at once. You’ll also want to check the airflow out of your furnace. If it’s blocked or restricted, your system won’t have enough air to function properly.

As a rule of thumb, change your air filter every month during the heating season. This ensures that your home stays as clean and comfortable as possible.

4. Use Your Programmable Thermostat

Don’t forget to use your programmable thermostat during wintertime. During summer, you probably programmed your thermostat to go down a few degrees at night so that you could save on air conditioning costs. Well, now it’s time to do just the opposite!

Programming your HVAC system is easy and convenient, especially if you want to keep energy usage as low as possible during wintertime. For example, you can program your thermostat to kick on a few hours before you get home from work. If the house is already nice and warm when you get there, this will make it easier to stay comfortable throughout the evening without spending too much money.

The best part about using a programmable thermostat is that you can schedule it to turn on before your family wakes up, so the house will be warm by the time everyone rises. You should also consider adjusting temperature levels during other times of day when you’ll likely notice or care if your rooms are cooler than usual.

Alternatively, you can alternate your thermostat usage with the fireplace. One way to save money is by burning wood in the fireplace and then using your automated thermostat to kick on when needed. This will give you a nice warm fire without paying for delivery or installation services.

5. Use Space Heaters

In addition to changing or cleaning filters in your HVAC system, consider using space heaters during winter. Space heaters can help you stay warm and comfortable without having to spend much on your heating bill.

Space heaters come in handy if you plan to use the cooler parts of your home regularly, like the garage or basement. Using space heaters in these rooms can save money on your energy bills because those areas won’t need to be heated regularly.

Space heaters are also good for small areas of homes where the furnace doesn’t reach well (but this shouldn’t be an issue if you check up on it).

Don’t use electric heaters if they’re not properly grounded or waterproofed to prevent electrocution. You should look for space heaters that are safe to use and energy-saving.

Start the Holidays With These Heating Tips

Finding an expert HVAC company right before the holiday season can be a daunting task. Consider the above heating tips to keep your family and friends warm during the holidays.

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