7 Signs You Need Commercial HVAC Service in Houston, TX

Did you know a commercial HVAC system with ductwork costs $6,000 to $30,000 to install? An office building could spend up to $30 per square foot for its HVAC system. Considering how much money you likely spent on your commercial HVAC system, you want it to work. Commercial HVAC service is the best way to ensure you spent your funds wisely.

Getting HVAC service in Houston, Texas, is especially important considering the long summers and the upcoming transition into the colder months. As such, you must be able to spot signs your HVAC unit is on the fritz.

Sure, yearly service helps your unit run properly, but sometimes things happen. Your HVAC system could experience some issues in the meantime, and knowing when something is wrong means you can get a repair quickly.

Below are seven signs your HVAC system needs fixing. Keep reading to know when you need to reach out for HVAC repair.

1. Your Electrical Bill Increases

If your daily operation is consistent, your energy bill should stay the same also. You could attribute your higher energy bill to operational changes or bad weather. But, you’d know if these were reasons why your bill got higher.

Sudden and random increases in power expenses are likely from an issue with your HVAC system. Often, HVAC systems use more energy to compensate for whatever’s wrong with the unit.

It’s not a good idea to disregard the jump in your power bill. Call a technician and schedule an appointment for HVAC repair.

2. You Have Temperature Control Issues

A functional commercial HVAC system should distribute constant and even temperatures throughout the building. Sometimes, problems with your HVAC system result in uneven heating or cooling.

The uneven temperature distribution could come from various problems. You could be experiencing thermostat issues or a stuck damper. HVAC dampers are movable plates that direct airflow.

Short cycling is when an HVAC unit begins a cycle and stops it before enough time passes. Plenty of things may cause short cycling. Something could be blocking airflow; there are dirty evaporator coils or refrigerant leaks.

Ill-sized equipment could also be the culprit. Regardless of the specific issue, you should contact an HVAC repair technician. Have someone set up an appointment so you can get commercial HVAC service immediately.

3. You’re Hearing Strange Noises

Hearing some noises from your HVAC system isn’t uncommon. Hearing your HVAC clank and click, however, is strange. Ideally, the only sound your air conditioner should make during the hot Houston summer is a quiet hum.

Clicking, clanking, or buzzing aren’t sounds you want coming from your HVAC unit. Call your technician and have them look at your unit if there are loud, disruptive noises.

4. Workers Complain About the Temperature

One surefire way you need HVAC repairs is when the employees complain about the temperature. You should look into the issue if everyone is sending emails about humid air or talking around the office about how hot it is.

Poor or inefficient cooling may indicate something’s wrong with the commercial HVAC equipment. The blower probably isn’t running correctly, or the air ducts are clogged or damaged.

5. There Are Strange Smells

Your HVAC system shouldn’t particularly smell like anything. It could be an HVAC issue when you or the employees begin smelling foul, musty scents, and you’re not sure how they got into the building.

Humidity and moisture problems inside the building may result in mold or mildew growing inside the ductwork and along the cooling coils. Call a commercial HVAC repair specialist to clean the ducts and coils.

It’s also a good idea to inquire about UV air purifiers to keep the growth from coming back. The smell could come from dirt accumulation, which requires a technician’s cleaning. Acrid, metallic smells may indicate internal damage.

Melting wires, burned-out commercial HVAC equipment, or short circuits are the likely culprits of these acidic, metal smells. A rotten egg smell potentially means there’s a gas leak.

In the event of a gas leak, turn the gas off and quickly evacuate the building. Do not reenter until you are cleared to do so. Do not ignore any of these smells as they are serious health risks to you and the employees.

6. There Is Too Much Moisture

Seeing a little condensation on the AC or furnace unit isn’t odd. An increase in the amount of condensation, however, is problematic. More moisture on the unit than usual means your HVAC system may need fixing.

Too much humidity inside the building may also mean you require HVAC repair. High humidity levels may cause respiratory and temperature regulatory issues, so you should address the problem quickly.

7. You See Exposed Wiring

Damaged commercial HVAC equipment can wreak havoc on how effectively your unit works. Exposed wires could be the culprit of whatever issues you’re experiencing with your cooling or heating system.

If you open your HVAC unit and see exposed wires, do not attempt to mend them yourself. Call a professional HVAC service team. These wires may result in electrocution and are not something you should try to DIY repair.

Wiring problems could be indicative of a more extensive HVAC problem. HVAC repair may solve the problem temporarily, but it’s best to prepare to get a replacement system.

Need a Commercial HVAC Service?

Regardless of the weather in Houston, Texas, your HVAC system needs to be up and running. While getting a commercial HVAC service is good, sometimes things break unexpectedly.

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If you require a commercial HVAC service, contact Guy’s AC team! We’re available 24 hours a day for all your HVAC repair needs.