8 Signs You Need to Search "AC Repair Near Me" ASAP

On average, an AC system last for about 15 to 25 years before needing a replacement. Although, homeowners will likely search “AC repair near me” a few times along the way.

If your air conditioner is acting up, there are a few ways to tell if it needs an AC repair service rather than a full replacement. The following guide will explore 8 signs that it’s time to call an HVAC company to fix your issues.

Read on to discover the top warning signs that indicate your AC is in need of immediate repair and learn how to get your AC system back on track and beat the heat this summer in Spring, TX!

1. Airflow Issues

It might be time to call a professional for AC repairs if you’re getting very little to no airflow from your system. Weak airflow is usually a sign that there’s an issue with your air ducts or the compressor.

Your AC might also need repairs if you feel warm air coming from the vents in your home. It might mean that there’s an issue with your compressor or that your AC system doesn’t have enough refrigerant.

Warm air might also mean that you have an issue somewhere in your air ducts. In this case, your system is likely bringing in air from outside or your attic space instead of from your compressor.

2. Foul Odors

If your AC system is producing unpleasant smells, it might be a sign of multiple problems. The most common reasons are electrical problems and contamination from mold.

If your nose picks up a musty odor, you probably have mold growing somewhere in your system somewhere. Your AC then blows the mold spores into your house causing it to spread, which might make you and other household members sick.

If it’s a powerful burning odor that you smell, it’s likely that something is wrong with your AC’s wiring. It could also be the insulation around the wiring that causes a burning smell.

3. Faulty Thermostat

You might have a bad thermostat if your AC turns on briefly before shutting off over and over. Before you call for repairs, try simply changing the batteries in your thermostat.

If changing the batteries doesn’t fix the problem, you might need a thermostat replacement to get your AC running again.

4. Strange Sounds

Small blockages in the outdoor unit’s fan might cause clicking noises. Check out the fan and remove debris that could be hitting the fan while it’s running. However, if it’s making clicking sounds and won’t turn on, it’s probably an electrical issue.

You might hear gurgling sounds coming from your condensate drain line. It’s probably not a big issue unless you have a refrigerant leak. If it’s leaking refrigerant, call a repair service right away before it causes bigger problems.

If you hear the outdoor unit making rattling or clinking noises, it’s a sign that the fan keeps hitting something. Also, large obstructions sometimes loosen fans, causing them to hit the protective cage surrounding them.

If your indoor unit keeps making squealing noises, it’s usually a sign that you have a problem with your fan belt. The sound might stop for a while, but you still need to repair the belt before it breaks and leaves you without AC.

Screeching often means that your fan motor bearings in the outdoor unit need replacing. High-pitched hissing likely means you have a compressor issue and too much pressure has built up in your system. In this case, turn off your AC until repairs get made.

5. High Utility Bills

You might have noticed that your electric bills skyrocketed out of nowhere. It could mean that your HVAC system isn’t working efficiently anymore.

Consider how much AC you’ve been using and if it matches your pricey utility bill. If the bill went up without additional AC usage, you should call an HVAC company to evaluate your system for issues. 

6. Increased Humidity

A functioning HVAC system should help lower the humidity in your house. If your home feels unusually humid, you probably need to call a professional for AC repairs.

Humidity helps mold and mildew thrive and can cause several other health problems for your household.

7. Moisture Around Your HVAC System

If you find a leak in or around your HVAC system, you must make sure it’s not a refrigerant leak. Keep in mind that refrigerants are toxic and any leaks should cause great concern.

However, it could just be a simple condensate leak instead. In this case, the drain line might be clogged or broken, which is a much easier fix.

8. System Age and Constant Repairs

The final sign that you need AC repairs is the age of your unit. Older units break down more often and no HVAC system lasts forever. Full AC replacements cost a lot of money, but so do high utility bills and constant repairs.

You might even have to repair numerous parts of your system or unit even if it’s fairly new. A skilled AC tech can assess the overall condition of your AC system and what the most cost-efficient solution is.

If you’re having regular repairs done on a newer AC, check your warranty to see what’s covered.

Finding AC Repair Near Me

Now that you know the signs, is it time for your to search “AC repair near me?” Remember that if you don’t prioritize repairs, it might increase your bills or affect the health of your household. Keep this guide in mind and don’t let AC issues go unnoticed!

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