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You’re tired of the sweat, and the headaches, and the constant discomfort. You’re ready to install an air conditioner in Houston, Texas. The question, however, is: what kind of air conditioner? There are many different types of AC systems, each of which offers different benefits and drawbacks.

Need help choosing one? Then you’re in the right place. This Houston air conditioning company is going to help you do so.

Central AC

The most popular type of air conditioning in Texas is central AC. This consists of a central condenser unit and a central blower unit. These work together to produce cold air and then push it through a series of ducts that span the entirety of the house.

When it comes to cooling the whole home, central AC is the most cost-effective option. Not only is the unit cheaper than a single heat pump or an array of ductless mini-split systems but it also costs less money to run. This is because a single unit is providing air to every room.

Aesthetically, the central AC does very little to detract from the overall appearance of the house. Yes, there will be a condenser unit in your backyard. And there will be vents on your ceilings or walls.

However, AC condensers are so common as to be a normal part of a home’s aesthetic. And vents are so small and discreet that you’ll hardly even notice them.

The big downside to central AC systems is that they lack variation. Unless you pay a lot of money to set up a zoned system, you’re going to have to deal with a single temperature in every room of your home.

In other words, if you set 72 degrees Fahrenheit on your thermostat, you’re going to have a 72-degree temperature in every one of your rooms. This isn’t a horrible problem (it might not be a problem at all). However, if you and the others in your house tend to argue over the temperature, a central AC isn’t going to do anything to solve the issue.

Ductless Mini-split Units

If you are interested in having some temperature variation from room to room, you should consider installing ductless mini-split AC units. These are individual units designed to accommodate one room and one room only. They mount directly to the wall with only a small condenser portion existing on the exterior of the home.

Because there’s only one mini-split per room, you could conceivably install one in each room of your home. This would enable you to set a different temperature in each room, thus allowing you to accommodate the preferences of everyone in your home.

Of course, there is a big downside to ductless mini-splits. Namely, they’re expensive, much more expensive than a single central AC unit. The only exception would be if you were installing one or two of them, in which case, the total cost would likely be lower than the cost of a single central AC unit.

But if you’re going to install 5 or 6 mini-split systems in your home, for example, you’re going to pay thousands of dollars more than you would pay for a single central AC unit.

Another downside to ductless mini-split systems is that they’re highly visible. Because these are mounted directly to walls, they can have quite an effect on the overall aesthetic of a room.

But if you can get past that, they’re a solid option, especially if you’re only looking to cool a room or two.

Heat Pump

Another air conditioner you should consider is the heat pump. This makes use of geothermal energy as a means of producing both heat and cold. It’s exceedingly cheap to run but can be quite expensive to purchase and install.

The major upside to heat pumps is that they provide both heat and cold. As such, they can serve as your furnace and your air conditioner. In southern Texas where cold temperatures are rare, it can be nice to have a two-in-one system, as you then don’t have to splurge on a full furnace.

The one big downside to heat pumps is that they can struggle in exceedingly cold temperatures. Again, in southern Texas, this is rarely a problem. Therefore they’re very solid options for southern Texas homeowners.

Window AC

The last air conditioner we’re going to discuss is the window AC. When it comes to the battle of central air vs window units, there’s really no contest: central air is far superior.

That said, window ACs have their place. These are best used in temporary situations, such as when you live in an apartment or when you need cold air in a pinch.

Window ACs can provide the cold you need. And because they’re only used to cool single rooms, they can actually allow for temperature variation as well.

Note, though, that they use tons of electricity, and are therefore expensive to run. Not to mention, they’re fairly ugly, capable of impairing the aesthetic of both the interior and exterior of a house.

As such, if you can help it, you should opt for something else. Again, windows ACs are only good in temporary situations

There Are All Types of AC Systems in Houston

As you can see, there are all types of AC systems. When it comes to deciding on which one you’ll buy, it’s all about assessing your needs. You might better benefit from a central AC system . . . or ductless mini-splits might better suit you.

If you need help deciding, or if you need AC installation services in Houston, TX, give a call to the HVAC specialists here with Guy’s AC. We offer all types of HVAC units and will install them for you in a timely and professional manner.

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