How To Choose The Best Commercial & Residential HVAC Pro

Summers in Texas can be sweltering; you don’t want hot temperatures to hit, only to find that your AC unit is in disrepair. Before summer arrives, make sure your unit is in good working condition so you can turn it on and enjoy a cool environment whenever you wish.

But with so many HVAC professionals to choose from, which one should you pick? Which one’s right for you?

Here’s what you should look for when you’re choosing the best commercial and residential HVAC professionals for AC repair in Atascocita, TX.

Contractors State License Board Licensing

The most important thing when looking at HVAC companies is if they have a license from the Contractors State License Board (CSLB). Not only is it illegal to not be licensed, but it’s also dangerous. Air conditioning units have many electrical parts, and without the proper training and knowledge, a repair can quickly turn deadly.

In order to get licensing, a contractor must pass two tests: one for law and business, and one for the trade. All applicants are required to undergo criminal checks and fingerprinting, so any contractor you hire who are licensed is guaranteed to have a clean background.

Also, to even be eligible for the licensing exam, you must have at least four years of journeyman experience.


Obviously, when you’re looking for a Texas AC specialist, you want someone who’s had years of experience in the industry. When someone’s been working for years, or even decades, they have a good grasp on what to look for and how to fix it.

However, this doesn’t mean you should automatically pick an HVAC company with 30 years’ experience over one that has five. You should take a look and see what other qualifications or certifications they have besides the license from the CSLB.

A good contractor will also go for continual education. When you speak to the candidates, ask them if they go for continual education. If they do, then ask how often, and where. Technology is always getting better, so you don’t want a contractor who’s out of the loop.

Good Reviews

Another important aspect to look for is whether they have good reviews or not. Word of mouth marketing has always been vital a company’s success, especially in the days before the internet. It’s so important that it’s still a key part of persuading consumers to commit to a brand.

Businesses know that which is why they prominently display their good reviews on their shop fronts, ads, and websites. When you’re looking at HVAC companies and they’re suspiciously quiet about their positive reviews, that may be a red flag.

Try and search around online yourself to see what previous customers have to say. If there are bad reviews, are they flukes, such as an honest mistake leading to a missed appointment? Or are the consistent, such as never being punctual or throwing in hidden charges?

What previous customers have to say is gold, so make sure you pay attention. If you don’t heed their warnings, you may be in for a world of trouble in the future.

Written Bids and Estimates

Lazier HVAC contractors will try and give their bids and estimates verbally. While this is legal to do in Texas, it’s not advisable to accept a verbal bid or estimate.

If anything happens, it may be hard to prove in court what’s been said. Always get written bids and estimates so you have definite proof of what was said by the HVAC professional.

Phone Bids and Estimates Are Not Good

Not only should they give you written bids and estimates, but good contractors should also never give you them over the phone. While they may have worked on your type of AC unit before, with the same problem, every appliance is different. How can they know how much work it’s going to require before they’ve ever seen and examined the air conditioning unit?

Should an HVAC professional try and give you a bid or estimate without coming down to your property, it shows one of two things: either they’re lazy, they’re inexperienced, or they’re both. An excellent contractor will do a proper and thorough survey of your home before they can give you a bid or estimate.

24-Hour Emergency Services

In addition to a wide range of HVAC services, a good contractor should also offer 24-hour emergency services. The weather can get so bad that it’s literally a matter of life or death at times, and you don’t want to be stuck with a broken AC unit for hours.

When you see HVAC professionals who offer 24-hour emergency services, this means they’re always available and care about providing prompt services to their customers. Even if you don’t ever need emergency repairs, it’s good to have peace of mind knowing it’s there whenever you need it.

The Lowest Prices Don’t Mean the Best Quality

After doing your research and gathering bids, you may be tempted to go with the lowest one, especially if it’s cheaper by a significant amount. But the lowest prices don’t mean the best quality. You might end up with more costs in the future when low-quality work needs to be fixed.

Remember to take all factors into account and go with what your gut tells you, not the lowest price tag. If it’s a close call between candidates, then go ahead and pick the one with lower prices.

Get Quality AC Repair in Atascocita, TX

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