What to Look for When Hiring HVAC Repair in New Caney, TX.

Is your air conditioner is on the fritz? Perhaps you’re looking to install a new furnace? Whatever the case may be, you’re looking to hire an HVAC repair company.

The only thing left to do now is to pick one. But that’s why you’re here. You’re not quite sure how to pick the right one.

Fortunately, we’re here to steer you in the right direction. Without further ado, here’s what to look for when hiring HVAC repair in New Caney, Texas.


One of the first things you need to look for when scoping out prospective HVAC companies is ample experience. Companies with a certain level of experience on their side have proven their ability to get the job done. If they hadn’t, they wouldn’t still be in business, after all.

Generally, it’s wise to choose an HVAC company with at least 5 years of experience in the field. This level of experience essentially ensures that the company is knowledgeable, skilled, effective, and reliable.

Note, however, that the more experience a company has, the safer a bet it is. For instance, a company with 50 years of experience should leave no doubt about its ability to perform quality work.


Another thing to look for when choosing an HVAC company is insurance. Insurance protects you, the client, from damages to both your property and to the employees of the HVAC company.

If you were to hire a company without insurance, and if that company were to cause damage to your property, you could be held liable for all damages. Conversely, if you hire a company that’s insured, the company’s insurance will cover all damages.

There are two types of insurance you need to inquire about: general liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Not only should you ask your prospective HVAC company whether they have these insurances, but you should also ask to see a hard copy of their policies.


In the state of Texas, professional HVAC companies are required to be licensed as such with the state. Those companies which are not licensed with the state are operating illegally and should be avoided entirely.

The question is: how can you determine whether or not a specific company is actually licensed? The answer: the Texas state license lookup tool. This tool allows you to search for any company existing in Texas, indicating the various licenses that they hold.

If your prospective HVAC company is legitimately licensed, this tool will let you know. If it’s not, the tool won’t show any licenses at all.

Note, you don’t want to receive work from an unlicensed company, even if the company offers you a great deal upfront. Unlicensed companies are unregulated, and could fairly easily scam you without consequence.

A Solid Reputation

One of the best signs that an HVAC company offers great service is that it has a great reputation. After all, past customers aren’t going to say good things about a company that has left them less than satisfied.

So, the key is to get a feel for a prospective company’s reputation. If it’s positive, you can expect good service. If it’s negative, you can expect disappointment.

The question is: how do you get a feel for a specific company’s reputation? All you have to do is visit some online review sites. Yelp, Facebook, and Google should all be loaded with reviews from past customers of the companies that you’re thinking about hiring.

A Positive Attitude

When utilizing HVAC services, there’s no reason to subject yourself to a bad attitude. You’ll be in contact with your prospective company for at least a few days, so you’ll want to be sure that its employees are kind, respectful, and pleasant to be around.

There are two ways to ensure that this happens: 1. Read the above-discussed customer reviews and 2. Make a call to the office. If the customer reviews check out, and if the person who answers the phone is friendly, you’re probably in the clear.


HVAC work can be complex. While the professionals usually do it right, they’re not perfect. They do make mistakes which impair the functionality of the systems that they install, repair and maintain.

The key is in finding a company which takes responsibility for its mistakes. What does this look like on the commercial front? It looks like warranties.

Any reputable HVAC company will provide warranties for its work, ensuring that they’ll make things right in the event of a mishap. If your prospective company doesn’t provide any warranties, you’re advised to find a different one.

Affordable Rates

It’s important to know that different HVAC companies charge different rates. While most companies’ rates are in the same ballpark, there is no regulation which ordains them to be. Private companies can charge whatever they please.

This is why you should never, in any situation, hire an HVAC company without first receiving an estimate of the work that you need to be completed. By hiring a company without first receiving an estimate, you could be charged with an astronomical bill after the fact. This could — obviously — put you in a financial bind.

Any HVAC company worth its license will furnish you with an estimate. Most will provide one without question as a standard part of operating procedures. If a prospective HVAC company won’t provide you with an estimate, you need to look elsewhere.

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