How to Choose the Right Humidifier for Your Conroe, TX Home

Humidity might be bad for your hair, but it’s good for your body. By raising indoor relative humidity levels to 43% or more, you can avoid most virus particles.

The ideal humidity for the home is anywhere between 40 and 60%. If your home feels dry in the winter, installing a humidifier is beneficial.

This humidifier buying guide for Conroe, TX, homeowners can help you decide on the right device.

Consider Your Needs

There are many needs for a humidifier. If your home tends to be dry, especially in the winter, you could deal with these harmful conditions:

  • Bloody noses
  • Dry sinus passages
  • Sore, scratchy throat
  • Cracked lips
  • Dry, scaly skin

Humidifiers can help alleviate these symptoms of dry indoor air. The soothing moisture in the mist adds to the air to soothe breathing passages. Humidifiers make it easier for air to pass through your lungs.

Some humidifiers come with special medicine cups that allow you to release respiratory medications into the air with the mist.

Find the Right Size

Humidifier size is one of the most important things you’ll read in this humidifier buying guide. Decide whether you need to focus humification on the whole house or a single room.

From there, you can decide between the two types of humidifiers:

Standalone Humidifiers

Standalone humidifiers plug into standard residential outlets. These might be tabletop humidifiers to add moisture to single rooms. There are also larger console humidifiers that can work in multiple rooms or whole homes.

For small to medium spaces, a tabletop or room humidifier is a great choice. You can use these compact and sometimes portable humidifiers in:

  • Bedrooms
  • Home offices
  • Nurseries

Any room that needs moisture could use a humidifier. To prevent winter dryness in large areas or multiple rooms, consider a console or standalone unit.

HVAC/Ducted Humidifiers

You can install humidifier brands directly onto your home’s HVAC system. HVAC/ducted humidifiers use the home’s existing ductwork to spread moisture into the air.

These are whole-house humidifiers made for residential properties with a high need for moisture. An HVAC professional in Conroe, TX, can install it directly on the central HVAC or furnace system and connect it to the water line.

Understand the Different Types

Humidifiers work to add moisture to the air in different ways. Each type of humidifier has varying benefits and drawbacks. Understanding the different types of humidifiers will help you choose the right one.

Cool Mist Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifiers disperse room-temperature mist covering large areas. This type of humidifier uses less electricity than others.

Noise levels are slightly higher because this humidifier contains more moving parts.

Cool mist humidifiers are either evaporative or ultrasonic. Evaporative versions are popular because they use a wick filter to absorb water and release moisture into your space.

In contrast, ultrasonic humidifiers use high-frequency sound waves to turn water into mist. These are the quietest humidifiers available. You can find both cool and warm mist ultrasonic humidifiers.

Warm Mist Humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers use a heating element to warm water and release it into a room. Because of the use of heat, they can use more electricity than other types of humidifiers.

Warm mist humidifiers may harm children and pets because of the heating element. Some warm humidifiers are called steam humidifiers.

Evaluate the Cost

Humidifiers vary greatly in price based on the type you buy. A whole-house humidifier is the most expensive option, but there are small, medium, and large versions that range in price.

Large console humidifiers are typically freestanding and can be designed to look like furniture. Your humidifier will blend into your home without standing out.

These are the general costs of whole-house humidifiers:

  • Steam: From $400 to $1,600
  • Bypass: From $140 to $370
  • Freestanding console: From $125 to $220
  • Fan-powered: From $200 to $750

The more humidifier capacity, the more expensive the humidifier will be.

Single-room humidifiers are more affordable, but won’t humidify the entire house. You can find them in various sizes with prices ranging from $40 to $350.

These average costs are for the humidifiers only. You’ll likely spend a little more on installation and labor fees, if necessary.

Budget for Maintenance

Taking care of humidifiers is simple if you opt for regular maintenance. You can clean your humidifiers on your own every few days or once a week to ensure they last their entire lifespan.

Regular maintenance routines typically include:

  • Cleaning the water tank
  • Checking the misting outlets
  • Replacing the internal wick filter

Cleaning the water tank can help you avoid mold, bacteria, and mildew. Checking the misting outlets ensures moisture can flow easily into the room.

Some humidifiers are easier to clean than others. Read online reviews for different models to get an idea of how convenient it is to clean.

If your humidifier needs professional repair, budget for this cost. A professional should always handle a difficult humidifier problem.

Don’t Discount Ease of Use

If you are going to be using your humidifier often, it needs to be easy to use. Whether you get a floor or desktop model, make sure you can move it to where you want it to go.

If you opt for an evaporative humidifier, make sure the wick is economical and simple enough to replace. How often you need to replace it will depend on the model and how much you use your humidifier.

An HVAC technician in Conroe, TX, can help you find options with user-friendly controls. Displays should be clearly visible so you can switch the settings as you like.

Humidifier Buying Guide for Conroe, TX Homes

This humidifier buying guide walks you through what to look for during the buying process. Consider your needs, find the right size, and understand the different types. Budget for costs and maintenance as well.

If you need help choosing the right unit, choose Guy’s Air Conditioning and Heating. Since 1974, we’ve provided quality services to Conroe, TX, homeowners.

Our licensed and insured business can correct problems with your comfort systems, including humidifiers. We’ll inspect your home to find the right option for you as well. Contact us today to get started.