Things You Should Know About Guy’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services

By EmilyMarch 8, 2018June 24th, 2022Blog

New Caney, TX Air Conditioning and Heating Services, Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement


At Guy’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services, we are highly qualified, customer friendly and trustworthy contractors. Our services include repair, maintenance, and replacement of air conditioning and heating systems.

Ongoing Maintenance

We are contracted by homes and offices in New Caney and other neighboring areas to regularly check the effectiveness. Air conditioning and heating systems require professional regular maintenance for efficient running. Maintenance prevents escalation of problems with the systems which might lead to incurring high expenses which could have been prevented. Our well-experienced professionals help troubleshoot maintenance issues only a technician can spot such as component part failures, oil leaks, refrigerant level, control and electrical parts, cleaning, oiling, calibration of thermostat and assessment of the condensers. Al these checks during the maintenance ensure optimal functioning of the system. We also offer expert advice during maintenance to our clients on how they can ensure their systems run effectively and safely such as housekeeping and sheltering.


Occasionally, air conditioning and heating systems will experience wear and tear associated with running or lack of maintenance. Component parts will break down and require to be repaired least much damage is caused to others. Repairs are usually a matter of priority since the system’s downtime might lead to losses for instance where perishable goods are involved. To our team of technicians, a system breakdown is an emergency to secure our clients from loss. We do not reschedule calls for repair by our customers.


At times, there might be permanent damage to components of the system that might not be repairable thus calling for a replacement. Guy’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services has partnered with leading system providers to ensure our customers get reliable replacements when a need arises. These partnerships also cater for replacement of component parts during repairs and go a long way in ensuring compliance with manufacturer requirements to assure superior performance and product guarantee.

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