What should you know before buying an Air Conditioner Appliance

Wondering how you can go about buying A/C unit in Houston, TX?

Now that summer is here, all HVAC companies and online stores are filled with offers on one of the most impressive creations in the sector of home appliances, the Air Conditioner. But unlike other appliances, buying an Air conditioner is devoting yourself to a serious relationship. The massive investment, the big electricity bills, not to forget the maintenance and other things that come along with it. This is what makes it even more important to take a deep breath and analyze how to go deal with investing yourself in a deal like this.

Here’s a checklist that would help you in making a wise decision with least number of causalities involved.

What is the best way to buy an Air Conditioner?

Avoid shopping from unknown sellers, for one. You would want a trusted brand name for you to buy from. Sure you would know about the legal paperwork being covered. But it keeps the authenticity and functioning of the hardware in a questionable position. How would you know if what you’re going for is what you need? How do you know you can install it?

If you’re buying online, do not forget to check out reviews and feedback and information provided by other users. This would help you make a more informed and judgment based call. Most HVAC companies will NOT install a system that you purchased online for liability reasons.  Going to a good reputable local HVAC company is always advised in these cases.

What should you know before buying an Air Conditioner?

Look for companies that give out the best guarantees and certifications on their product. Don’t go for a company that offers less than 2 years in terms of free maintenance. This makes the company liable for circumstances in case the product dysfunctions within a time frame legally provided.  You should also be aware of the framework and dynamics of your own home to choose the perfect A/C unit for the environment.

Also, installation is an essential aspect, which needs good hands so that the A/C unit can blend in perfectly with your surroundings. At Guy’s Air Conditioning and Heating, we provide personal visitation to your place to make sure that appropriate measures are taken to save up your energy bills and to lessen the risk of potential damage anytime in the further. We also provide a recommendation of how to go about the usage to make the best of it.

What should it be: Split or Ductless?

This is an important aspect of your purchasing decision. While a ductless  A/C system or window unit might be a cheaper option, it might not be the most suitable in all circumstances. Choosing the right kind of A/C depends mostly on the environment of the room you’re planning to put it in.

The size of your room or home decides how much cooling would be needed for installation. If you’re putting a ductless solution in a room filled with windows, it’ll result in more heat coming in and thus need a bigger A/C. The Energy Efficiency ratio of both Split and Ductless A/C are pretty efficient. It all basically boils down to your needs and reliability of the brand you would be going for along with solving for one room or the entire house. 

How to deal with the Maintenance and purchasing cost?

We know it’s what you would think whenever making an investment. Don’t worry; here at Guy’s Air Conditioning and Heating have come up with the idea of lessening the burden for its customers. Service Finance Company, a licensed sales finance company has started out a collaboration with us at Guy’s to offer loans at a very favorable rate of interest to credit approved customers. Contact us today!