Air Conditioning Seasonal Maintenance Service: For real or not?

Air conditioners are what you cannot do without during summers. And while you would love the fresh cool air, how long your air conditioner will work depends on how much you care for it.

The seasonal maintenance of central cooling has always been a subject of debate for homeowners at most times. With the most common reference point being the weather, as to how air conditioners aren’t used in winters. However, contrary to popular belief, just like every other thing, your air conditioner needs a little bit of care too. It gets rusty if not looked after.

Why the need for regular maintenance?

A regular maintenance of the appliance is required, irrespective of the season, as a lot of problems arise when it isn’t being put to use. Seasonal maintenance helps the air conditioner in getting prepared in being resistant to whatever seasonal changes it might have to encounter with the change in the season. It also helps in dodging unnecessary system intrusions that might arise during the course of time.

Maintenance helps in figuring out how much decrease has been created inefficiency. Neglecting it, would reduce the quality of cooling effect and just create an increment in your monthly bills to burn a hole in your pocket. Hence seasonal maintenance proves to be the most efficient, economical and trouble free measure to make your air conditioning work perfectly.

Steps to carry out seasonal maintenance

Few ways by which you can take care of your air conditioners functioning state are:

  • Shutting down power source leading to the AC

Before you begin the maintenance routine, the most important function to be carried out is to shut down the power source. This keeps you from getting any loose wires that might be hanging around or any surprise electrical shocks.

  • Replacing the air filter

It is advisable to change your air filters every three months at the minimum. You can do it more times than that too if you possibly can. This is done to avoid dirt from settling in the filters and thus reducing efficiency. Though in the months you will be using the AC, it is advised to change the filters every week because of the continuous deposition of dust in the system’s filters. This is done so as to avoid excessive wear and tear that might be caused.

  • Cleaning up the condenser

You should occasionally check for dirt that might be deposited in the condenser drain. Clogged drains make it difficult for a unit to then avoid humidity, which might damage the walls cause of the moisture formed. Though there are times when you might more than just regular maintenance. Which calls for professional help.

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