What Temperature Should my Thermostat be Set to?

When thinking about the summer weather, one thing that comes to mind is the temperature of that thermostat. We all want to save money on bills over summer. At Guy’s Air Conditioning and Heating Services, we understand that buying an A/C Unit in Houston, TX can come with an investment. But once you make the investment, you don’t want your bills to go up dramatically. So we’ve compiled some tips on how to set your thermostat accordingly in order that you continue to save money. Because one thing that should not cost a lot this summer is your heating bill. It’s already plenty hot out in the sun for that.

  You can trust that our air conditioning repair in Houston, TX will save you some money. We want to make sure you are able to do everything that you need this summer, including finally buying an A/C Unit in Houston, TX. You definitely need it because it is so hot outside. We caution you to never turn off your heater. This can be dangerous and cause gases to release in the home. You need to ensure that you are careful because your heater is not designed to be turned off and on. So remember that rule of thumb and make sure it is always set.

  Another thing to remember is that when buying an A/C Unit in Houston, TX, you will be ensuring that the rest of your system is up to date when you go with us. We will come in and take a look at what your HVAC system looks like in general. Then we will be ensuring that you book in for a regularly scheduled air conditioning repair in Houston, TX so that your system is running smoothly. With all that being said, we recommend that you keep your air temperature at 78 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer. Energy companies show keeping a consistent 78 degrees saves you 10 percent on your electric bill. That’s because you can keep your air conditioner going without really affecting the air temperature. Also, you can turn your air conditioning off at night if you want the home to remain cool but not cold. All in all, by keeping the dial low on the air conditioner and not adjusting it, you can save on heating costs all summer long.


  At Guy’s, buying A/C or air conditioning repair in Houston, TX does not have to be complex. We have taken the guesswork out of it so that you understand how to maintain your heater and A/C efficiently, even when we are not around. One of the worst things you can do is to be adjusting your air conditioner up and down all the time. The air conditioner has to do a lot of work to go up or down rather than just maintain an equilibrium. Just come in and visit us at 19917 FM 1485 New Caney, TX 77357 or better yet call us at (281) 306-9875. You can even text this number and we will reply to you via that method. Thanks for looking into how to save money on your HVAC costs; our team has the right knowledge and tools to get you there.