5 Important Furnace Maintenance Tips for Homeowners in TX

Are you looking for ways to ensure your furnace is in tip-top shape for the winter ahead? Do you fear that your current furnace is going to give out unexpectedly? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about proper furnace maintenance.

Doing so can help you extend the lifespan of your furnace. Rather than fearing the impending replacement like the grim reaper, you can have more confidence that your heater is in the best shape of its life.

See below for an in-depth guide filled with several important furnace maintenance tips that you should take action on right away.

1. Change Your Air Filter Monthly

If you feel like you’re forgetful when it comes to changing out the air filter on your furnace, you’re not alone. Many people struggle with this same problem. With all the other tasks and duties around the house, the air filter somehow seems to slip through the cracks.

That said, it might be one of the most important tasks of all. An HVAC system is one of the most expensive replacements of any appliance in your house, and if you aren’t changing your air filter regularly, it will shorten the system’s lifespan.

With a proper air filter in place, your entire system (furnace included) can circulate fresh air throughout your Conroe TX home. The filter is used to catch airborne pathogens like germs, dust, dirt, bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and more. Many experts even credit it with preventing mold growth inside the system.

For those of you that find it hard to remember replacing the air filter, simply change it whenever you go to pay your mortgage or rent. That’s a monthly task that you prioritize, which will help you consistently switch out the filter.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to spend a fortune on the most extravagant air filter. In fact, some experts argue that the cheaper ones are better for your system since they don’t block the airflow.

2. Schedule Routine Inspections

You wouldn’t drive your car for years on end without having it checked by a car specialist, why do any differently when it comes to furnace maintenance? You don’t have to go through this process alone. As a matter of fact, it’s better to bring in professionals.

Doing so can help give you peace of mind. You’ll have the utmost confidence that the furnace is in great condition and primed for the winter ahead.

If there is an issue, then the technician will identify it and fix it before it complicates matters. Sometimes the system just needs smaller tune-ups, like adding lubrication to certain parts to make it run more efficiently.

We typically recommend that Conroe homeowners schedule a routine appointment at least twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall. That way, we can fix any potential issues before the harsher seasons (summer and winter) come along.

Be sure to schedule an appointment with our heating services. We can ensure that the furnace is ready to keep your family warm!

3. Keep All Vents Cleared

Can you confidently say that all of your vents are void of any obstruction? If not, then you should take a walk around the house to make sure they are.

Blocking your vents is one of the most costly errors to furnace maintenance. If a vent is blocked or closed for too long, it can affect the temperature in the room. Your heater will work aggressively to try and reach the desired temperature you’ve set your thermostat to.

The harder the heater tries to compensate, the more wear and tear it will experience. This, combined with a dirty air filter, can cause the furnace to give out long before you were expecting it to.

This winter, make sure to prioritize a clear pathway for your furnace to circulate air around the house. That way, everyone’s comfy and your heater can take some much-needed rest from time to time.

4. Ensure Positive Air Quality

Full transparency, this one is more about taking care of you and your family than it is about furnace care. Very few homeowners take the time to have their indoor air quality tested.

If you’ve noticed that you and your family have had bad allergies or are catching more colds than usual, it’s time to take control.

Be sure to schedule our indoor air quality service right away. We will perform indoor air quality testing right away, then take proper action based on the results. We use high-efficiency air cleaners, electronic air cleaners, automatic humidifiers (especially important during the winter), and more.

5. Double-Check Insulation

If you have poor insulation in your home, then you’re sabotaging your own furnace. The lack of insulation will cause cold air inside your Conroe TX home, which will force your heater to work twice as hard.

When most people think of insulation, they think of installing fiberglass insulation in their walls. You don’t have to get that extreme!

In fact, doing simple DIY tasks like sealing your windows, doors, and any openings to your attic can work wonders. After all, heat rises, so your attic is likely the biggest culprit.

Invest in Furnace Maintenance for Your Home Today

Now that you have seen several instrumental tips for furnace maintenance, be sure to start by scheduling an appointment with us.

Take the time to read this article for more information on how to lower your electric bill with seven key strategies. To get started, please call us directly at 281-306-9875 and we will be happy to assist you further.